We bring profitability and impact to investments

H-Impact wants to foster sustainable finance and inclusive growth while focusing on attractive returns and social achievements for investors.

H-Impact aims to promote positive impact

The reach of our action is defined by two vectors:

  • The level of unmet needs of target populations
  • Our knowledge in mitigating country and company’s risks in order to leverage the creation of social and economic value


We work with investors, companies and other entities to achieve sustainable opportunities that reach financial returns whilst delivering positive impact for society.

Impact advisory

Defining purpose, metrics and its follow up is critical to achieve long term returns.

Impact investing

By delivering a combinable approach of funds and social metrics we can achieve both financial and social returns.

Impact advisory

Create impact in the long term by applying the social focus aligned with metrics that can lead to positive outcomes

Our approach

We are committed to sustainable growth with a special focus on the SADC region.

We seek to maximize investments that positively impact the lives of the people that we invest in and to create responsible and sustainable value for our investors.

We focus on

Impact economy advisory: Providing support in defining company’s strategy

Defining Impact and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Measurement Metrics

Measuring Impact Management in Projects

Designing Sustainable Policies and Processes

Designing Sustainable Products and Services

Advisory and support in adhering to certification, membership and /or association with sustainable development or impact entities

Training and Workshops on Sustainability focusing on the Triple Bottom Line

Impact investing

Provide capital that can achieve returns for investors as well as investees

Our approach

Our approach involves a commitment with sustainable growth with special focus in the Southern Africa region.

Therefore, we seek to use investments to positively impact people’s lives combined with the delivery of sustainable returns to our investors. We believe that inclusive and responsible investment can achieve higher long term value to all stakeholders.

Our expertise

Our financial and advisory background gives us a unique view on the way we can structure and manage projects. Our capabilities include the access to deal flow combined with partnerships which is a source of growth and value added. We target opportunities that can lead growth and social impact by anticipating market trends, with a selective investment process that is key to obtain strong social and financial returns.