Driving sustainable and inclusive growth

Our purpose is to empower people by developing their skills and talents, promoting knowledge and offering resources to reach their potential.

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About H-Impact

Focused on Impact Investing, H-Impact supports investors and acts as a promoter of social enterprises that will lead to developing talent for future benefit, with special focus in Africa.

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H-Impact is an Hemera Capital Partners initiative to drive impact. It emerged from the commitment to achieve long term sustainability, creating value by rethinking the dynamics of business along with the underlying principle of shared value.

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Our aim

H-Impact intends to be a relevant player in managing impact investments worldwide with a special focus in Africa. Based on the United Nations’ SDGs our commitment is to achieve both social and financial return.

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Our purpose is aligned with the pursuit of the following SDGs

  • People

  • Women

  • Africa

  • Competencies and Talent

  • Knowledge

  • Fairness and Sustainability

Our purpose is to empower People, particularly women in Africa by helping them to develop their skills and talents, promoting knowledge and offering resources to reach their potential, thus contributing to the growth of a fairer and more sustainable society.

We believe our path will lead to a better world, our journey starts in Angola

Our impact investing strategic principles

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Merge financial discipline and profitability with sustainable development


Focus on the unmet needs of low and middle income consumer


Identify emerging social enterprises and invest progressively as they achieve impact milestones

We aim to bring sustainable and inclusive investments and investors to Angola and Southern Africa that provide attractive social and financial returns for investors.

Our Team

We count on more than 50 years of accumulated experience among our team members in the Advisory, Management Funds and Financial industry.

Our team has worked in a variety of sectors, such as agro-business, health and energy, among others across 4 continents.

We have more than 35 years experience in the African market, working alongside several types of investors, state entities and foundations.