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2020: The year of action on nutrition

Creating momentum toward eliminating malnutrition and meeting global goals.

Five, six, seven years ago, one could sit in a three hours’ agriculture meeting without hearing the word ‘nutrition’ even once. That now seems to be changing. Purvi Mehta, Asia lead for agriculture, Gates Foundation

Next year will be more about taking those reports and kind of that global view and really trying to better understand: What does it mean for countries? What would it look like in Kenya? What would it look like in Indonesia to try to get towards the EAT-Lancet-type diet,” said Jessica Fanzo, EAT-Lancet commissioner and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University.

In an attempt to create momentum toward eliminating malnutrition and meeting global goals, the Japanese government is hosting the Nutrition for Growth summit, or N4G, in December 2020.

The event is designed to draw global attention to nutrition targets that remain an “unfinished agenda” and intends to position nutrition as a vital investment — one of the “best buys” in global development that sees $16 returned to the local economy for every $1 invested.

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